Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary us to come and hand over the vehicle?

No, if you are within the radius of 10 km from Abiramy VTA car care center. We can send our responsible person to take the vehicle. And we will provide you the CCTV camera record of the services which we have done to your vehicle till it entered into our premises to the time it left our premises. And also, we will give you the defected items which were in your vehicle before we replaced new items.

In case if I couldn't come on the same date to pick up the vehicle?

There are two options with us, if the vehicle is within the radius of 10 km from Abiramy VTA car care center, we can send your vehicle with our responsible person.

If not you can keep your vehicle with us and take it on the following day. Our security people will look after your vehicle.

In your full service do you do only the oil change and filter replacement?

No, we will do under wash, engine de-greasing, interior vacuumed and relevant replacement after getting your prior approval. After that we will give you the final check report about the jobs which we have carried out in your vehicle and to be done in the future.

My Insurer has said I have to use one of their approved repairers, is this true?

Your Insurer may try to direct you to use their own approved repairer, however you have the legal right to use the repairer of your choice. It’s your car and your choice where your car is repaired so remember the final choice remains with you, the Policyholder.

Do I need to get two estimates for the repairs to my car?

No. As your chosen repairer, Abiramy VTA Car Care’s estimate will provide all the detail your insurer’s engineers will need to authorize the repair.

Do I have anything to sign anything when I collect my car?

If repair costs are being claimed from an Insurance Company then we will ask you to sign a Collection Note upon completion of the repair. Signing this form does not affect your statutory rights. This note allows us to confirm to the Insurance Company that the repairs have been carried out and the completed vehicle has been returned to you. We then invoice them for their share of the repair cost above your excess value.

Can you carry out any other work that needs doing at the same time?

Yes. We can save you time and money if we do this as it is very cost effective for us as well. If you would like to have additional work carried out, please let us know or we can give you our professional advice you when you bring your vehicle in.

What about my personal belongings in the car?

We will take complete care of your personal belongings and have a secure storage area for these, but we recommend you remove all unnecessary from your vehicle, as we are unable to take any responsibility for any losses incurred.


  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Under Carriage De-greasing
  • Body wash | Lubrication
  • Interior and Exterior Detailing
  • Break Up Fluid Change | ATF Oil Change
  • Manual Gear Oil Change
  • Radiator Coolant Flush and Replace
  • Auto diagnosis engine scanning | Engine Flush
  • Drive Belt Adjustment | Engine De-greasing
  • Injector Cleaning | Mechanical Running Repairs


  • All work to be carried out using only first class quality parts and lubricants
  • Only undertake work which has your prior authorization
  • Regularly train our staff so that they know how to take care of your vehicle
  • Respect the price indicated in our quote
  • Provide you with a clearly laid-out invoice
  • Look after your vehicle
  • Respect agreed deadlines
  • Inform you and advise you if we find anything wrong with your vehicle
  • Our most important undertaking is to look after you


  • Preventive maintenance alert services

    Preventive maintenance alert services

    Customer designed system to generate reminders for the next service.

  • Free pickup and delivery

    Free pickup and delivery

    Within a radius of 10 kilometers from abiramy VTA Car care Center.

  • Computerize service history

    Computerize service history

    Complete service history maintained in our database and is available at any time.